What is Higher Ed Insights (HEI)?

Higher Ed Insights is designed with the intention to provide universities with a faster, and more accessible tool to understand emerging trends impacting the entire education sector. This in turn helps universities make higher quality decisions about their international recruitment strategies based on real-time data and insights, as well as generate a stronger return on investment thanks to targeted region and school outreach.

We hope that this tool will aid universities in allocating international recruitment resources, time and budget in a more focused manner. In addition to that, we hope to provide more clarity when it comes to international student recruitment data, as well as access to university comparisons, and specific international industry-wide data.

Okay, now that I have a brief idea of what HEI is, how exactly does this work?

A Brief Tour

You may access Higher Ed Insights by clicking on the 'Higher Ed Insights' tab on the left-pane menu. You will see sections such as Summary, Top 200 Universities, My University, etc. show underneath that tab.

While we will not go over every single report in detail in this article, we will be providing you with a brief overview on how to navigate each page, utilize the features we've packed into this potion of the platform and make the most out of reports in Higher Ed Insights!

In each of the tabs, you will see a main page with a brief description of the associated reports, data, as well as a filter pane.

Navigating the Data

There are a few features our reports include.

Hovering over specific data points will provide you extra information.

Also, if you would like to highlight a specific set of data, hovering over a legend brings focus to a specific chart.


In each of the reports that you will see under each HEI tab, you will also see a column on the right labeled 'Filters'. That's right, you can filter for more specific data to create more detailed reports tailored to your needs!

Upon clicking into the specific filter that you'd like, you will be provided with more options on selecting your desired data.

For the purposes of this Help Article, we've chosen Graduation Years 2012, 2013 and 2014. Once you do that, click on the blue Update button to update the graph.

You will now see something like this:

For users that have to toggle between frequently used filters, de-highlighting a filter button would automatically exclude data from that here. In the example below, data from 2012 would be excluded, but data from 2013 and 2014 would still be included in the report.

For users that would like to turn filters on/off, you may also select the toggle button on the bottom-right of each field. In this example, this will turn off all filters for 'Graduation Year' and will include all historical data regardless of graduation year. As you can see, toggling this button off automatically toggles graduation year 2012, 2013, and 2014 filters as all filters are disabled.

Brief Overview of Reports & Information

Below, you will see a brief summary of all reports that will be made available to you under Higher Ed Insights.

Global Summary

This report provides an overview of students from Cialfo applying globally.

Global Conversion

Conversion Funnel (Applications), Conversion Funnel (Students), Applications-to-Enrollments: Yearly Trend, Acceptance Rate vs. Yield: Yearly Trend

Global Student Demographics

Ethnicity, Gender, Country, Citizenships

Global Academic Averages

SAT, ACT, IELTS, TOEFL, GPA (4.0), GPA (5.0)

Top Origins & Destinations

Top 10 Origin Countries

Top 10 Destination Countries

Top 200 Universities

Top 200 Universities

This report shows the connection-to-enrolment funnel of students (no of students) for the top 200 universities.

My University

My University

This report provides an overview of students applying to your university. (Ex. demographics, academic profile, trends, etc.)


Conversion Funnel (Applications), Conversion Funnel (No. of Students), Applications, Acceptances & Enrollments, Acceptance Rate vs. Yield


International Student ethnicities, Student Locations

Academic Averages


My Conversion

My Conversion

This report shows the connection-to-enrolment funnel of students enrolled in your university by High School.

Destination Trends

Destination Trends

This report shows the yearly trend of total student applications to the top countries (excluding US).

Destination Popularity: Yearly Trend (ex. US)

This report shoes how popular a destination is across multiple years. Please note that the data provided excludes the U.S.


Popular Courses by Origin Countries

This report highlights the courses of interest for students from each country.


Destination & Origin by Schools

This report shows the breakdown of students applying internationally by High School. (students are applying to multiple countries).

Report Glossary

Have questions about the terminology used in these reports? You can click on the 'Help' button beside the report description to access that information!

Or, you can simply refer to our help article here for the glossary of terms.

Have a question you are unsure of or need more information for your specific needs? Please reach out to our support team via Chat or check out other resources at Cialfo!

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