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Connecting universities with high schools on Cialfo

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What is Connections?

Connections is a feature that allows a link or “connection” between a school user (student, counselor, and guardian) with a university. The student will be asked if they will share user information with the university prior to making the Connection.

A connection can be created through different actions on the platform such as signing up for events, adding a university to a student’s list, and downloading a brochure from a university on Cialfo’s School Search.

What information will be shared with universities?

Permission will be asked from the school user to share the following information with the university:

  1. User's first and last name

  2. User's email

  3. User's gender

  4. User's citizenship

  5. User's date of birth

  6. School information (name, CEEB code)

  7. Student's graduation year *

* Graduation year is only for student users

What can you do with Connections?

  1. Filter Users

  2. Diving into Connections details

  3. Download list of Connections

1. Filter Users

After connections have been established, universities can now filter the connections by how the user is engaging with the university, where the student is located, graduation year and more!

The filters we've added is as follows:

  • Country of the user

  • Gender

  • Graduation Year

  • Source type: How the student created the connection (e.g. through an Event, My List)

  • Activity type: Detail of the event or campaign (e.g. Ask Me Anything South Asia)

  • Status: A specific action type (e.g. if the user has watched a recording, registered for the event, etc)

2. Diving into Connections Details

Once you select a student, the following actions are available for you to do to understand the Connection better:

  • Universities can click to see connection detail

    • user profile

    • school details

    • engagement information.

  • Engagement info will show

    • Type of the activity

    • Activity

    • Details of the activity in case of e.g. Events

    • Date the activity was done

    • Status of the activity

  • If one activity is performed multiple times e.g. Download the Brochure, then it will be shown multiple times

3. Downloading Connections

You are able to export and download the list of Connections into an Excel file. This makes it easy for you to import to your internal tracking systems, reporting purposes, or have a offline copy at hand.

The report consists of 2 tabs:

  • Summary by users: university will get a list of users with basic information (Profile and School Details), summary of demonstrated interest and the connection status.

  • Engagement details by user: list each engagement for user info with interaction detail

How does Connections benefit you?

Connections aim to bring the university and high school community closer - with everyone navigating through a remote and non-remote world, Cialfo is helping bridge the two together on one platform.

Connections provides a way for universities to engage and interact with students, counselors, and guardians in meaningful ways by connecting with them across the entire application journey i.e. when the students are researching, engaging, and considering enrolling at the university.

With Connections, universities can identify which schools and students are interested in them, discover what kind of content is resonating with them, and craft effective targeted outreach strategies for recruitment. Universities can also deliver educational resources and information via brochures, videos, events, and visits based on insights derived from near-real-time user interactions. This allows you to be able to craft more personalized experiences and outreaches for your potential students, and therefore, increasing the likelihood of attendance into your respective universities.

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