Uploading, Preparing and Sending Optional Reports & Transcripts
Learn how to prepare an optional report, attach a transcript, as well as sending these documents in cDocs.
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What is an optional report and how can counselors use it?

An optional report is Common App form that counselors can prepare to update any reports that have been submitted and/or add new information for the student.

Preparing an Optional Report

To prepare an Optional Report, click on either Optional Report, or Optional Report 2.

A window will pop up, prompting you to select which updates you are making for the Optional Report. Select the relevant checkboxes, and upload a file!

Once you have a file uploaded, you should see a notification saying 'Processing... Your Common App form will appear in the student's Documents List once it's generated. Please wait a minute.'

It is now prepared! You can proceed to upload optional transcript in order to send the documents on Submission page.

Optional Report Amendment Types

Please note that the different types of changes you are making to the optional report require different types of information.

  • Updated Transcript or predicted grades

You will be required to specify which changes you are making in this optional report, and will also need to upload a transcript associated with that specified change.

Please note that you will also need to attach an uploaded transcript to this report in order for Common App to receive and process the documents.

  • Class Rank

You will be required to select how class rank is reported, whether the rank is weighted or unweighted, as well as the range in which the rank is applicable to the student.

  • Student GPA

You will be required to specify Cumulative GPA, the GPA scale, date range, weight type, as well the school's passing mark in order to make changes to the GPA. School GPA is calculated by the measures provided in Account Configurations in Grade Default. If this is inaccurate, please reach out to your school administrator or counselor managing Account Configurations.

  • Change in student's enrolled courses

Although not required to fill out any other information besides uploading the associated file, we recommend reviewing the document before submission to make sure that all relevant information is included in this optional report.

  • Change to my evaluation

Similarly to changes in student's enrolled courses, no additional information is required besides uploading the associated file. We recommend reviewing the document before submission to make sure that all relevant information is included in this optional report.

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