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Cialfo Access: Direct Apply College Search, adding and deleting applications (Counselors)
Cialfo Access: Direct Apply College Search, adding and deleting applications (Counselors)

Where and how to research for Direct Apply programs offered by different colleges. You'll learn how to add and delete an application, too!

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Direct apply programs are found in the school search function. There are filters and columns readily available to help you customize your search.

Account Configuration

Direct Apply program default visibility is turned ON by default for all students. You can update your preference from the Account Configurations.

Where to find Direct Apply Colleges, Filters, and Columns

You can use the main school search for a general Direct Apply program search or school search from a student's profile which will also allow you to directly add applications for that student.

To get started with the student's Direct Apply college search, head the student's profile from the Students page, and then click on the School tab from the left-hand side menu.

You can start school search by either typing the name of the college in the School name box, by adding the Courses & Majors the student is interested in, or both.

Direct apply filter:

If you are specifically looking to search for the Direct Apply programs, you can click on Direct Apply inside the Submissions Portal search filter. You can include multiple portals too.

Once you have added all the relevant filters, you will see a list of colleges that meet your criteria.

To customize the view of columns, click on the Columns button. You can select, unselect, and rearrange the order of columns you want in your school search view.

The Portals column will include the Direct Apply icon for all universities accepting applications via the Direct Apply portal

You can scroll to the right to find out more about the university.

Navigating within a College's profile

To dive deeper into college search, click on the name of the college and a new side window will appear.

This screen will have 5 tabs, namely -

  1. Profile

  2. Courses

  3. Scattergrams

  4. Applicants

  5. Direct Apply

The Profile tab is the landing tab. It includes an overview of what the College has to offer. You can find information like deadlines, upcoming college visits, and sessions, costs, essay prompts application history, etc

To access the complete list of Direct Apply programs, click on the Direct Apply tab from the horizontal menu within this side window.

In the Direct Apply tab, you will find information about all the Direct Apply courses offered by that College. You can use the search bar to input the courses and majors you are looking for.

There are 5 tabs on this page

  1. Programs - These are the different degrees, diplomas, certificates offered

  2. Round - The upcoming intake

  3. Matriculation date - Official start date of the program

  4. Application deadline

  5. Application - Click on this button to Add Application

You can sort these columns using the arrows next to each column header.

The Go to direct applications button will take you directly to the student's list of Direct Applications.

You can click on the name of the program to find out some key information and courses for all the courses offered by the college.

  1. Overview tab includes details such as the Application requirements, Program details, description, links to the website, etc. You can also Add Application for the student from here or click on the Go to direct applications button.

2. The Courses & Majors tab displays a list of all the majors offered by a particular program.

Adding Applications

After the research phase, it's time to add application for the program. You can add an application using the Add Application button present at the following locations on School's page.

  1. The main university profile page.

  2. Direct apply tab inside the university's side window.

  3. Program overview page

  4. Program courses page, and

  5. Direct apply Applications page

The Add Application button will turn into a green Application added button upon clicking and will be available to view in the Direct Apply tab on the left-hand side menu

Viewing all added applications

After you have added one or several applications you can head to the Direct Apply tab from the left-hand side menu to view all your added applications.

Here you will see a Not Submitted applications table. This table has a list of all programs you are applying for along with additional requirements, fees, and deadlines. You will also find the Submit button here.

Deleting Applications

If there is a program in your added applications list that you wish to not apply to, you can delete using the bin icon found next to the submit button.

Upon clicking the bin icon, a pop up will appear.

Click on Confirm and the application will be deleted and removed from your Not Submitted table

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