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Direct Apply - How to Find Applications (Colleges & Universities)
Direct Apply - How to Find Applications (Colleges & Universities)

Receive and manage pathway program applications from international students directly through your Explore by Cialfo account.

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Applications List

To view applications, log into your Explore account at

Once logged in, navigate to the left-side panel and select Direct Apply (if there are no applications, you will see the screen below).

*Please note that only Admins and Admission Officers will be able to view direct applications. Counselors with a ‘Member’ role type will not have access.

New Applications will appear in a list. From here, you may view the student’s name, program they’re applying for, application date, application status, and application result.

To sort with a column header, simply click the up/down symbol next to the column header to arrange the field alphabetically in ascending or descending order or chronologically, if sorting with a date.

Applications can be viewed in the Current or Past state by clicking the appropriate tab above the name search field. A list of applications can be downloaded in a CSV format using the Download Students button.

Searching Applications

To search for an application, type the student’s first, last, or full name in the Search box field. Filters can be chosen to narrow down your application list or search results by selecting +Add Filters. There are three different types of filters that can be applied to the search:

Student Location: Country

School Education: School Name, Program, Preferred Course/Major

Application Attributes: Application Date Range, Status, Results

Next, click here to read about reviewing applications and choosing an application result.

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