Cialfo allows counselors to create school lists for students when searching for universities. Counselors have the functionality to tag schools into a list and have students filter these schools in the School Search.

In Schools, a counselor can create a list of schools by specific criteria or theme. For example, this counselor wants to create a list of Top Engineering Schools in the US to filter in the school search.

  • Under Schools, select College Tags, then Create Tags.

  • Enter a title for your tagging list and begin adding schools.

  • Once a list is created and schools have been tagged, students can then use Tags in the Others filter. In this example, a counselor created a list for Colleges That Change Lives.

It is important to note, there are no limits to how many lists counselors can create. By creating lists of schools with tags, counselors can assist students in streamlining their search for schools.

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