College Tags

Counselors can use tags to create lists of schools for students to use when searching for universities.

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On Cialfo, we allow you as counselors to create unique College Tags for your students to aid them in their search for the right school.

For example, you want to create a specific list of Top Engineering Schools in the US for students who are interested in pursuing engineering. To begin, head to the College Tags sub-section under Schools and click on the 'Create Tags' button.

Enter a title for your new list and click on the '+ Add Colleges' button to search and add schools to your list. Once you're done with adding colleges, click on the 'Save Tag' button.

Your students will now be able to filter schools out by your college tags by clicking on '+ More Filters' button, scrolling down to Others and selecting the newly created tag.

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It is important to note, there are no limits to how many lists counselors can create. By creating lists of schools with tags, counselors can assist students in streamlining their search for schools.

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