Application deadlines not visible on cDocs Submissions

Status: Resolved โœ… as of Oct 18, 2022, 3.30pm (UTC +1)

This impacts all application deadlines that are not automatically synced with Common App through the Configuration: 'Sync CA round & deadline to student's applications'.

If you have the Configuration turned ON, then only non-CA applications will be affected. If you have the Configuration turned OFF, then all applications are affected.

How does this affect you?

  1. Deadlines will not be displayed on the Applications table

  2. As a result, deadlines are not displayed on the cDocs Submissions page

  3. The filter for deadlines will not fetch accurate search results for applications

  4. The report generated from the Export button will not display any deadlines

How do I work around this?

Do not update application rounds directly from the Applications page. Instead, you may click on Edit, then select the round and deadline to save the details within the application form, and this will allow the deadlines to appear on the Applications table.

Alternatively, if the Round information is already available, but the Deadline information is not, you may use the following steps to see it appear:

  1. Click to edit the application

  2. Click anywhere within the Deadline field (you do not need to select a new date)

  3. Save the application details

Note: This above method can only be applied to applications one by one

Name of Common App assigned counselor does not update when navigating to the next student

Expected resolution: Oct 21, 2022

How does this affect you?

Depending on the filters you have chosen before entering a student's cDocs Profile, you may have a list of students to navigate between by using the next student button (see arrow in the screenshot).

If the current student you are viewing already has an assigned counselor for Common App (see red box in the screenshot), this information stays the same when you use the next student button to navigate to the next or previous student.

In this example, it will seem like all students have been assigned to 'Priscilla Cialfo' even though in reality, they may not have the same counselor.

How do I work around this?

Refrain from using the next student button.

Alternatively, refresh the page each time you use the next student button in order to get the most accurate information on the assigned CA counselor for each student.

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