Manage Visits with High Schools

Now that you've requested visits, learn how to manage them.

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Here's how you can manage your visit requests in the"School Visits" section of Explore. 

To know how to request visits please see this article.

When you've requested a visit for a high school, the request will be under "Pending" section.

After the high school has confirmed the visit, the request will now shift to "Updated" section.

Note that all visit requests must be approved by the school. You can easily keep track of the status of your visit requests by looking at the color indicator next to each visit.

  • Yellow means the high school has not yet approved the visit.

  • Green means the high school has approved the visit.

  • Grey means the visit has been cancelled.

  • Red means there is a request by you or the high school to reschedule the visit.

Notifications & Sorting

As your institution will likely be managing many visits, there are a few features we've added to make it easy for you to manage these.

In the top right corner, there is a Notifications window with a bell symbol. This section will turn red whenever there are new notifications that have not been reviewed.

Additionally, we know that your institution may have many representatives that cover different territories. Sort the entire schedule of visits happening either by region (country or state) or by representative.

Download Visits

Finally, you can easily download all of the visits for your institution into an excel spreadsheet for any reports your team may need to create related to travel and community outreach.

Include Past Events

The default view for School Visits is to show any current or upcoming events. However, if you'd like to review past visits, use the toggle in the right hand corner to view both current and past visits.

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