Request Visits to High Schools

Ready to schedule visits to high schools using Explore by Cialfo? This article will show you how to get started!

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After setting up your Explore account and adding members to your Team, you can start scheduling visits to high schools and manage events.

Scheduling a Visit

There are 2 ways to schedule visits with a high school.

Option 1 - A high school may share with you their unique Explore by Cialfo URL.
Option 2 - Logging into your Explore account and searching for schools to book visits with.

Within Explore, navigate to the Schools page and you'll find a list of all the schools using Cialfo plus any school not using Cialfo that has opted to use Explore. Explore by Cialfo is free to all high schools regardless if they use Cialfo or not.

Step 1

Search for schools using the filters and columns to sort and select the school you would like to visit. Is there a school you'd love to visit that is not using Explore? Feel free to invite them. Again, it's free!

Find out the number of slots each school has made available for school visits

Under visit slots feature, you will see the following icons below:

The "All Booked" icon indicates that all of the available slots indicated by the school counselor are taken. However, you can still get in touch with the counselor through our book now feature to arrange a slot on their next possible availability.

The light blue icon shows the total number of slots made available by the school counselor for school visits.

The fire icon in orange informs the school has a limited number of slots available for booking.

Step 2

Click on the "Book now" feature and a sidebar will appear. Here you can search for the date you'd like to visit and see if there are any available time slots of your preference.

Choose the date that you'd like to attend; available dates will appear in blue. Next, review the time slot/s that are available as indicated by the school.

Step 3

Select the desired time and a button will appear. Click on "Send a Request" and a new sidebar will appear where you will need to:

  • Select visit type (Virtual/In-person)

  • Choose the representative from your institution who will be visiting and If the representative does not appear in the drop-down menu, you may also search for your name by typing in the name field

  • Write a brief message to the school contact

  • Add your own online meeting link (only for virtual visits)

Once the following are completed, send your request!

Don't see an available time slot? You can send a message directly to the primary contact at that school by selecting a date and time of your preference.

Congratulations! You've now started sending requests to high schools. To better understand how to manage those requests, read the last article on Managing Requests here.

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