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Cialfo is a great communication tool between students, counselors, and guardians, including parents and/or family and community members. Whether it's about reviewing a student's school selection list or their progress on completing tasks, guardians can easily stay up to date on a student's college and career search journey.

Guardians use the same unique Cialfo login site in order to sign in. Upon successfully logging in, there are two main areas they can navigate around. First, the navigational menu on the left-hand for school-related items, and second, the chevron icon in the top right-hand corner for accessing their settings or seeking help.

If a guardian has more than one student at a school, they will use the same login to easily access each student. On the left side, a guardian can easily navigate between their students by clicking on the name of the student they want to review.

Navigating the Menu

The features in the left menu allow guardians to easily and quickly navigate through Cialfo and stay informed about the progress of their student's college applications. Guardians can use this feature to access student data and monitor their application status.


The Home page gives guardians a bird's eye view of the student’s Applications, their progress in the university application journey, as well as useful resources in the Discovery Center and Events available for students to join.


The student profile consists of the student’s personal information, application details, preference fits, test score, contacts, the counselor assigned to the student, and extra-curricular activities.

  • Student’s personal information - The details such as the student’s first and last name, preferred name, email address, phone number, graduation year, current school name, current grade, current address, timezone, citizenship, country of residence, date of birth and gender can be viewed here by the guardian.

  • Application details - Under a student's Profile, the Application Details are where the guardian can look at different application fields like Degree type, Application year, Enrollment Year, Hook/flags and Groups.

  • University preferences: Guardian can view the University preferences added by the student like Academics, location, financial, people, facilities, demographic and others.

  • Test scores - The guardian can view all the test scores of the student added by the counselor or the students themselves.

  • Contacts - The contact details include the guardian’s name, email address, phone number and relationship with the student.

  • Counselor - The assigned counselor of the student can be viewed here.

  • Extracurricular activities - The guardian can view the extra-curricular Activities that the student has taken part in apart from the academic curriculum.


The Universities Search for guardians will look very similar to that for students. Guardians can search for colleges and universities, and use filters, columns, and preferences. Guardians can also view which universities have been added to the student's school lists.


Depending on how the school has set the Configuration, guardians can also add or remove universities from their student's Longlist, Shortlist, and Applying list on the Bookmarks page.

Information such as the Counselor Likelihood, Cialfo Likelihood, and Course/Major will also be available for guardians to view on this page.


Applications are categorized in two section - those that are In Progress and those that have been Submitted by the student.

Within each section, applications will be grouped according to the application portal the student intends to use. For instance, Common App, UCAS, or Direct Apply (DA).

💡 The order of how the portals and applications are displayed may also be rearranged on the Configuration page - see here for more information.

Applications - In Progress

Guardian can pay the tuition fees direct by going to the Students Application page and they can check the payment status as well.

The guardians can view all the Applications like Direct Apply, Common app, UCAS and other portals.

Pending Applications will show under In progress and Submitted applications will show up under Submitted section.

Guardian can set the Outcome as well for students from the Applications page.


The guardian can visit the Assessments tab to see all the different types of assessments assigned to the student. They can view and download the assessment report of the student once the assessment has been completed.


Any event conducted by a Cialfo-partnered school or a university can be seen under the ‘Events’ page. The guardians can use the filter option (regions, tags, direct apply, date and time) to register for an event.

My Surveys

Surveys are usually taken to understand the guardian's interests or more like feedback from them. Once the survey is assigned the guardians are required to complete the survey before the deadline to access them. At the end of the Survey, they can choose either to save the answers as a draft or complete and submit the responses to the counselor.

My Settings - It helps the guardian to change their password and the language to English or Chinese.

Chat with Cialfo - Like counselors and students, now the guardians can also Chat with the Cialfo Customer Success team for Cialfo support.

Help Center - The guardian can navigate to the help center to go through the help articles by clicking on the chevron in the top right corner.

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