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Better understand the Guardian experience on Cialfo.
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Cialfo is a great communication tool between students, counselors and guardians. Whether reviewing a student's list or progress on completing tasks, guardians can easily stay up to date on a student's college and career search. Guardians can include parents and/or family and community members. 

Students, Teachers, Guardians, and Counselors will all use the same unique url for each school to log in. Once guardians have been added to student accounts and have been registered, they will see the following screen after logging in. There are three main tabs: Student Profile, My Surveys and Events. If a guardian has more than one student at a school, they will use the same log in to easily access each student. On the left side, a guardian can easily navigate between their students by clicking on the name of the student they want to review.

Student Profile - Personal Information

On the Profile tab for a student, guardians can review a student's personal information, application details, see the assigned counselor(s), tasks assigned and completed, test scores, schools/colleges in the student's short or applying list, grades/GPA, and extracurricular activities.


The Search section for guardians will look very similar to that of counselors and students. Guardians can search for colleges and universities, use filters, columns, and preferences. Guardians can also see the student's various lists. Depending on how counselors have set the Account Config, guardians can also add/edit a student's Long, Short, and Applying list. 

Once Guardians have clicked on "Search Universities", they have a range of filters to choose from to narrow down their searches. By clicking on "More Filters", Guardians can also view the Applying, Short & Long List of the student.

Search Classic is also available for those familiar with the old Search view!

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