Using Progress

How to track your students' tasks and bulk approve them, too!

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Progress is a feature in Cialfo that allows you to do task management like reviewing tasks that you've assigned to your students and what stage they are on with regards to their tasks. As a counselor, you may also choose to 'Approve' or change the Status of Tasks by bulk.

Finding Progress

On the left-hand menu, click on More > then 'Tasks & Assessments'. Under that, you will find Progress. Upon entering Progress, note that the default view will be all your students and their individual tasks' details.

Functions of Progress

1️⃣ View

Choose the view you want to see the information. You can choose between seeing all the "Items" meaning the individual tasks or essays of each of your students. If you want to see a summarized version, choose the "Categories" view instead.

Items View:

Categories View:

2️⃣ Search

To zero in one a student, category (Task List) or title (task), use our search bar!

You can search by the following:

  • Student: either by the name or email of the student

  • Category: by the specific Task List - this will show you all the students that have been assigned that Task List

  • Title: by the name of the specific task or essay - this will show you all the students that have the specific task or essay

3️⃣ Sort & Filter

You can use our columns to sort students by clicking the following columns:

  • Tasks and Essays/Task Lists: sorts alphabetically by the name of the Tasks and Essays or Task Lists

  • Category (for Items view): sorts alphabetically for the Task List

  • Student: sorts students' names alphabetically

  • Status: sorts by the status of the task (Not Applicable, Not Started, In Progress, Done, Approved)

  • Due Date: sorts by chronologically by date

  • Creator: sorts alphabetically by whomever created the Task and Essay or Task List

4️⃣ Updating Status

With Progress, you can also bulk update the status of different tasks and essays you've assigned your students! This saves you time instead of approving or changing the status of the student individually.

  1. Tick the box either next to the name of the Task and Essay (or Category) or do it by bulk by ticking the box next to the column name.

  2. Make your way to the Update Status section at the top bar.

  3. Select the drop down next to Update Status to select the status you desire. Once select, click Apply and the tasks will be updated to the status of your choice!

Tip: You can use the Search or Filters to focus on what types of tasks you want to update the status of and select the tick box at the top to select all! For example, you know all your Grade 11 students have completed a specific task. You can use the Current Grade filter to zero in on that population, tick the All option box to select them all and update their status!

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