Counselors can assign tasks for your students - whether you need them to start thinking about the courses they'd like to take, to listing down their top 5 schools and even having them do their Personal Statements!

You can think of creating Task lists like "to do" lists for your students to start working on, items for them to begin brainstorming on, or even creating a curriculum for them!

All this can be done via the Task List section of your Student's profile.

Creating a Task list

  1. Select the student - you can either select the student and go to task list, or use the quick links when you hover over the student's name.

New User Experience (UX)

 2. Click 'Task list' - Choose between adding a Task or adding an Essay (to know more about the difference between the two, please go here).  A pop-up to the right will show, where you can input the necessary details of the task.
Give your task a title and category. A Category is more like the main section under which you can add multiple tasks. Eg. First Term prep of Grade 12 tasks. 

A pop-up to the right will show, where you can input the necessary details of the task.

 3. You can add a description to your task or essay, set a due date and highlight it as important. Note that under Student Files, you share files or Google links for your students to see or relevant information you think it would be useful for them. For Staff Only Files, these are files you think would be relevant only for your fellow counselors in relation to the student. 

Note that you can also toggle between the visibility of the task. By default, it is set to 'Everyone', but there are options for it to be visible only to staff (counselors) or set the visibility to a future date if you think the task should be done some time in the future!

Archiving a task or task list

If you want to remove the task or Task List, you can always remove it by selecting 'Archive' or 'Archive Task List'.

Click here understand how to customise your task view and filters. Learn how to create Task lists for a batch or group of students, you can do this via Resources.

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