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Prepare your School Information & School Profile

Getting started with cDocs

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Before schools can begin preparing forms and sending documents to universities through Cialfo, there are two fields that need to be completed in cDocs: School Information & School Profile. Once a school has completed these two items, they do not need to be completed again. 

The School Information and School Profile uploader will be on the top of the main cDocs page.

School Information
Filling out forms with the same information over and over again consumes a lot of time. To save valuable time, the School Information section is completed once and will auto populate each Common App school form created for a student. Go to cDocs on the left menu and then the Documents tab. At the top of the screen, find the School Information section and click on update to fill this section out. The School Information section can be updated at any time. However, updating the School Information section will not edit any Common App forms that have already been created (ex: School Report).

School Profile
Schools can upload their high school profile by going to cDocs on the left menu and then Documents in the top menu. The School Profile must be in PDF format and no larger than 2,000kb. Next to School Profile, click on the Upload button and upload the file.  The high school profile provides colleges and universities with information about a school from which a student is applying.

If you've uploaded a School Profile previously, you can choose to keep that or update it to your school's latest version!

**Pro tip: NACAC has a database of sample school profiles if you're just getting started or want fresh ideas on what information should be included. 

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