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Set up is the most important step to ensuring the application process goes smoothly. Each school should spend some time reviewing these steps carefully before they attempt to complete forms, upload recommendations or submit documents to colleges and universities.

Configure can be found by going to Configuration found on the top right corner and clicking the chervon. There are 2 specific configurations that schools should review before launching cDocs and utilizing Recommendations.

  • Student Connectivity - This set of configurations allows a school to decide what a student can edit within their own profile.

  • School List Permissions - This set of configurations is for both students and guardians and will determine if a guardian and/or student can add colleges and universities to a certain student the long list, short list, or applications list.

Application Preferences

This extensive set of configurations helps guide how a school manages recommendations within Cialfo, provides a section for the teacher recommendation survey, and determines whether or not the Common App list of schools automatically syncs with Cialfo adding to the Applications list of a student.

Activating the different document sending avenues

  • Enable Direct Apply (New) - Enable applications and document sending to universities globally that now accept documents through Direct Apply.

  • Parchment Activation - Input your school information in order to activate Parchment document sending*

  • Common App Activation - Input your CEEB code to activate Common App document sending*.

    Setting up your preferences

  • Students can request recommendations - Choose to allow students to request recommendations in Cialfo. If this is turned off, counselors are able to add recommenders to a student within cDocs - Recommenders.

  • Limit the amount of teachers students can request recommendations from - Set a limit for how many recommendations a student can request (if students can request recommendations is turned on)

  • Counselor can view & upload recommendations on behalf of teachers - In cases where a teacher leaves a school or where a new student arrives at your school, this allows the counselor to prepare forms and upload a letter on behalf of a teacher.

  • Teachers can see student's applying colleges - this allows recommenders to be able to see which colleges the student is applying for.

  • Counselor can preview transcript documents

  • Recommendations Show "Needed Date" to teachers - If your school has a universal deadline for teachers to have their recommendations written by, you can select the date here and it will appear for teachers.

  • Teachers can create Counselor Recommendation forms - In some larger schools, we've heard that teachers provide support for completing counselor and school report forms. This configuration allows a school to decide if teachers can prepare these forms.

  • Enable Download Bundle button for non-admin counselors

  • Enable syncing of your student's Common App college list - Choose whether or not a student's Common App My Colleges List syncs directly into the student's Cialfo Applications list. This will also add schools into your student's Applying list automatically.
    Please note - If a student deletes an application in Common App, it will not be deleted in Cialfo. The sync is executed every 4 hours.

  • Enable removing University from Applying List that were removed from Common App

  • Teachers can create School Report Forms - Similar to teachers creating Counselor Recommendation forms, this configuration allows a school to decide if teachers can prepare these forms. This goes the same for the Mid Year, Final Year and Optional Report Froms.

  • Teachers can create Mid Year Report Forms

  • Teachers can create Final Year Report Forms

  • Teachers can create Optional Report Forms

  • Notify counselor when a document fails to send in cDocs (Turned on by default) - This setting allows the sender to be notified if there was an error in sending out a document.

  • Sync CA round & deadline to student's applications (Turned on by default) - This setting updates the student's application details with the round and deadline that is indicated on their Common Application. To ensure accuracy, when this is turned on, users will not be able to manually update the round and deadline on Cialfo. It will need to be updated on Common App which will then cause it to be updated in Cialfo when the next sync is executed.

  • Recommendations: Survey Questions - If your school wants students to answer questions that may support a teacher in writing their recommendation for the student, you can ask those questions here. Students will be able to answer them in their account and teachers will be able to review the student responses.

*For clients who have used Parchment & Common App in previous application cycle, your details will already be keyed in for you.

**Find further information on Account - Configure here.

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