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Creating a student account for testing/demonstration purposes
Creating a student account for testing/demonstration purposes

Want to test the student experience before launching Cialfo at your school? We've got you covered!

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There are generally two ways that a counselor can create a student account for themselves, to play around with and understand the student side better:

  1. Create a brand new student using their personal email address.

  2. Edit the email and password of an existing student, and use that account.

Option 1 is very straightforward, and the instructions in this article apply. Option 2 is also relatively easy, and makes good use of the four demo students that come built into every new Cialfo account!

How to reset the password of an existing student account

The first and only necessary step to be able to login as a student, is to set and remember that student's password.

  1. Click on the (i) beside the target student's name.

  2. Copy the "Reset Password" link.

  3. Open an incognito window and paste the "Reset Password" link there.

  4. Set your desired password. You should now be able to log in as that email address, with the new password you have set.

If there are any further questions, feel free to reach out to us via Chat with Cialfo.

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