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Record Extra-Curricular Activities taken by your student
Record Extra-Curricular Activities taken by your student

Your students can log their club participations, volunteering experiences and other achievements under Extra-curricular Activities

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The Extra-curricular Activities section under a student's Profile will allow your students to document their extra-curricular activities all in one place. These activities will be visible to you as a counselor and will help you better understand your student's strengths and interests.

All activities will also populate the student's Resume Builder and is also used under the Likelihood of Acceptance (Shortlisting Algorithm) if it's turned On in Account > Configuration.

Extracurricular activities also populate the student's resume builder and inform the likelihood of acceptance (Shortlisting Algorithm) if turned in on Account Config.

Add and Edit an Activity

To add a new activity, click on the '+ Add' button and a sidebar will appear on the right.

Select the Activity Type and input the Activity Name. All fields with a red asterisk must be filled up before you are able to save it. Once you're done, click on 'Add Activity'.

To edit an Activity, simply click on the 'Edit Information' at the bottom of an Activity card.

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