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Automatic Notifications from Cialfo
Automatic Notifications from Cialfo

Understanding the different types of notifications that Cialfo sends out to users

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This article will explain the types of notifications that are sent out from Cialfo and how users can customise their notifications. Users will be able to customise the different types of notifications they receive from Cialfo by clicking into 'My Settings' located at the top right corner.

NOTE: Guardians currently are not able to make changes to their notification settings.

Types of Notifications

Notifications are sorted by sections. Under each section, depending on who the user is, users will have the option of selecting In-Page, Email or SMS notifications depending on their preferences. Below is a summary on the sections made available to both students and counselors.

Shared - Available to students and counselors

Tasks, Meetings, Inbox, Essay Prompts


Profile, Direct Apply


Status, Student Database, Recommendations, Transcript Requests

Student Notification Settings

Counselor Notification Settings

Cialfo Notifications Summary Table

The following table shows the types of notifications available on the platform:

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