Bulk Upload - UCAS Applicants Report

Introducing a quick way for counselors to upload the UCAS Applicants Report into Cialfo!

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We are excited to announce that counselors from schools with “UK applications enabled” can now upload the UCAS Applicants Report into Cialfo!

To upload the UCAS Applicants Report, you will need to follow these steps.

  1. Get the UCAS Applicants report file. The file must be in PDF version. Information like the Student's name, Applicant's ID, and Email will be used to match with your students in Cialfo.

  2. Log into Cialfo and click on the top right chevron to access the “Bulk Upload” feature.

3. Next, click on "Upload" in the Bulk Upload UCAS Applicant Report card.

4. From the drop down list of Select an Uploader, choose Applicant Report.

  • Select the Graduation year for the applicants

  • Choose Enabled if want to automatically approve after student matched

  • Check on needed Matching Conditions: Name, Applicant Id, and Email

After options selected, click on "Next Step" to proceed.

5. Now you can drag in your file to upload the file, or click on "Click here" to upload the file.

After uploaded the file, you will see the list of Files showing below the upload box.

  • You would need to select the student to match the file.

  • Click on the "✓" check mark to approve the match. (If Automatic Approval is enabled in the previous step, then it will be approved automatically if the student matched.)

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