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Introducing the Uni-Fit score
Introducing the Uni-Fit score
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What is the Uni-Fit score?

The Uni-Fit score is designed uniquely for students to find their right-fit universities with a completely objective Uni-Fit Score.

During your university discovery journey, some of the following questions might come to mind:

  • Is this university located in the region where I want to go?

  • Does the university have the course and level of difficulty that I want to study?

  • If I choose this university, how likely am I to be accepted?

  • How can I get in touch with someone from the university to answer my questions?

For each university that you discover, you will see a Uni-Fit score that has been generated uniquely for you and is designed to help you discover universities that are truly relevant to you based on your individual academic profile, preferences and the interest you demonstrate in universities on Cialfo.

You can discover relevant universities based on your personalized score and make the most of your university discovery journey on Cialfo by deep-diving into the associated content and career resources.

Where can I find the Uni-Fit score

On the Universities Search page, the Uni-Fit score will be displayed on the top right corner of each university card shown based on a 100-percent score.

To understand more about how the Uni-Fit score has been generated, place your cursor and hover over the score to understand the breakdown according to:

  1. Academic match

  2. Interest match

  3. Based on past searches

If you have any further questions around this, feel free to reach out to Chat with Cialfo and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

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