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How to undo a sent document (Common App only)
How to undo a sent document (Common App only)

How to unsend your Common App documents

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With Cialfo's new feature roll-out, counselors can now undo the submission of Common App documents that was previously not possible. This help article discusses what to take note of, as well as how you might go about unsending documents.

Take a look at this quick video:

What is the Unsend Functionality?

Unsend allows counselors to undo the sending of the following Common App documents:

  1. Common App School Report *

  2. Common App Mid Year Report *

  3. Common App Optional Report *

  4. Common App Counselor Recommendation *

  5. Common App Final Year Report

  6. Common App Teacher Evaluation

*These are Common App Shared documents that follow Common App's policy of One and Done, meaning once it's been sent, it'll be sent to all of the student's Common App applications. With the Unsend Functionality, One-and-Done documents can now also be unsent with a few things to note - more on this below.

How does it work?

  1. Documents need to be unsent in the sequence that they have been sent to in Common App.

    Ex. Jenny submits her student's documents in the following order School Report > Mid-Year Report > Optional Report. In order to unsend her documents, she will need to unsend her documents in this order Optional Report > Mid-Year Report > School Report.

  2. For Common App Shared Documents (School Report, Mid Year Report, Optional Report, Counselor Recommendation) and Final Year Report: if at least one university has downloaded the document, the document cannot be unsent.

    Ex. Your student has 5 Common App applications, Harvard has downloaded the School Report but the other 4 universities have not. You will not be able to unsend the School Report for any of the Common App applications of the student.

  3. For Common App Teacher Evaluation/Recommendations, you will need to:

    • Unsend ALL Common App Applications first

    • Change and/or edit the Common App Teacher Evaluation & Teacher Recommendation Letter

    Please note that you will not be able to change or edit the Teacher Evaluation or Recommendation Letters until you have unsent ALL Common App Applications.

    For documents that can be unsent, you will see an 'Undo' button to the right of the document. Simply click on the 'Undo' button to unsend your documents - it's that simple!

  4. Optional Report #2 cannot be unsent as Common App does not support this yet.

Do note that these restrictions come from our work with Common App and due to their policy found here.

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