Cialfo has partnered with Vericant to provide face-to-face interview services for Cialfo students!

About Vericant

Vericant believes in measuring what matters and so do a lot of universities! Universities believe that seeing a student discuss their life, interests, and achievements can be much more powerful than reading it on paper or interpreting it through standardized test scores. The Vericant Interview helps students who can’t visit campus in person bring their application to life through a convenient online or in-person recorded interview. Vericant is typically used by international students applying to different universities outside of their home country.

More About Vericant

Vericant is a third-party, face-to-face interview provider that helps over 200 North American school admissions teams effectively understand their applicant's verbal communication, learn more about their personality and soft skills, and assess whether they are a good fit. With in-person interview locations in five Chinese cities, and remote interviews available online around the world, the Vericant Interview is an easy way for students to share more about themselves with top institutions. Our structured, behavioral-style interview is designed by a team of international enrollment management experts who believe that verbal communication plays an integral role in the success of international students studying abroad. The interview is always conducted live by trained interviewers and the format enables students to demonstrate a variety of skills and interests that aren’t always revealed with standardized testing.

About the Vericant Interview + Writing Sample:

The Vericant Interview is 12-14 minutes long and consists of 5 sections

  1. Introduction: students are asked simple questions on a familiar topic to allow them to warm up.

  2. Picture section: students are asked to describe and discuss a random photo provided by Vericant.

  3. In-depth section: students are asked to dive deep into 2-3 experiences from their lives and describe and reflect on them.

  4. Standard question: students are asked about the type of study abroad experience they are looking for.

  5. Free Speech: The interview finishes with two minutes of free speech where the student can share anything else they want the admissions team to know about them.

You can view the example questions here.

The Vericant writing sample (included with the interview) is a handwritten essay that is completed in 30 minutes. It is proctored by a Vericant staff member right before or right after the interview recording. Students have a choice to answer one of two questions provided.

Vericant Interview

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