Requesting for Transcripts

How to request a transcript from your counselor to be sent for a scholarship, internships, summer programs, or other application types!

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The Student Transcript Requester is available for schools to use! If you do not have access to it, please reach out to your counselor as this may be due to your school's Cialfo configuration settings.

Getting There

  1. Select Applications from the left-hand menu

  2. Click on the three dots next to the university name

  3. Click on "Request Transcript"

Requesting for a Transcript

  1. Select the university and be sure to select the type of Transcript you need and the due date by when you need the transcript.

  2. Select your counselor

  3. Click "Send Request" and you're done!

Editing & Deleting the Transcript Request

If you need to update your Transcript request, you can always edit it!

  1. Select the request you'd like to update

  2. Click on "Edit"

  3. Update the needed details such as changing the type of document or amending the due date

  4. Click "Update"

If you need to delete the Transcript request, simply select the request and click "Delete".

Managing your Transcript requests

You'll be able to see the different statuses of your transcript requests in the main menu:

These statuses can be sorted by clicking on the triangle buttons next to the 'Status' column.

You can also add more transcript request for either University Application, Scholarships, Summer Program, Internship by clicking on the " +Add" button.

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