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Scholarships through Direct Apply
Scholarships through Direct Apply

Find out how to receive a scholarship through Direct Apply!

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Disclaimer: Scholarships are only available for applications made through Direct Apply. Please turn on the Direct Apply Configuration to be able to see the needed scholarships. Do note that the amount of scholarships provided is up to the discretion of the university and Cialfo. Additionally, all Scholarships are only applicable to non-US citizens and residents (international students only).

Cialfo's mission has always been to democratize education and what better way to do that than by providing scholarships? Students are automatically eligible for Cialfo Scholarships and University scholarships when submitting an application through Direct Apply. Cialfo Scholarships are guaranteed scholarships as soon as the offer is provided to the students while potential University Scholarships are provided at the discretion of the university. Our Student Education Advisors (SEAs) will also help students throughout this whole process, reach out to us on Chat with Cialfo for more information.

Please be made aware that eligibility does not guarantee disbursement of scholarship/s. Cialfo or the university reserves the right to withdraw or change the scholarships program without any notice. For more on our terms and conditions, go here.

Types of Scholarships

There will be 2 types of scholarships provided if the student is applying through Direct Apply:

  1. Cialfo Scholarship - these guaranteed scholarships will be offered to the student during the offer stage. This will be awarded by Cialfo to students upon final enrolment in the university of the specified program on Direct Apply.

  2. University Scholarship - potential scholarships that are awarded by the university to eligible students after receiving an offer confirmation from the university of the specified program on Direct Apply.

Getting there through University Search

  1. Go to Universities Search on a student's profile

  2. Click on the filter for Direct Apply & Scholarship - this will show you all the universities and programs where a scholarship is available

  3. Select the college of interest to find more information about the scholarship such as:

    1. How the scholarship works

    2. The amount or value

    3. Description of the scholarship

    4. Eligibility criteria

  4. Upon selecting a university, you may use the "Program with Scholarships" to focus on the specific offerings that have a scholarship

Getting there through Applications

Once you've added a program to your applications, you can have a birds-eye view of which applications have an available scholarship for them!

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