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Direct Apply Program Management Tool (For Universities)
Direct Apply Program Management Tool (For Universities)

How to new programs, edit and duplicate existing programs using the new Direct Apply program management tool

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Program Management is a feature on Explore where you can add Direct Apply Programs and edit the information of these programs. While editing, you will be shown a preview of how the information will look from the perspective of a student.

Locate the Program Manager

Log into your Explore by Cialfo and click on the Direct Apply button. Next, under the Direct Apply button, click on Programs. Now you will either see a blank screen or you will see some programs if you are an existing Direct Apply user and are coming back to add new programs.

Adding new programs

Step 1: To add a new program, click on Add a program from the Programs tab.

Step 2: Fill out the Information related to Program

You will see 5 tabs here -

  1. Information

  2. Test

  3. Content

  4. Courses/Major

  5. Additional Requirements

1. Information - This section consists of generic information about the program. Below is the information you can capture in this section.

  • Picture - Users can upload and crop a photo related to the program or university. It should show how studying at the university is like, and should be a landscape image of around 800 * 300 dimensions

  • Program Type - You can select the type of the program (Foundation, English , International Year 1 or Direct Admission)

  • Program Name - Key in the name of your program including the degree title if applicable (No abbreviations, except for the word "Hons". If there is no specific course of study or degree title, call it "General Undergraduate”).

  • Institution Name - This is auto-populated if you are from an independent university. If you are from a pathway provider, you can input the name of the university conducting the program in this field.

  • Program Website - Provide the URL to the program, not the university home page. Students will enter this website when they click on it.

  • Brochure - You can upload a brochure with a maximum file limit of 25 MB. Alternatively, this could also be from your College Details page found in your College Details settings.

  • Application Fees Required - As per the university requirements, the amount should be mentioned.

  • Annual Tuition Fees - Cost of the program per academic year.

  • Intake - Month or season of the commencement of the program

  • Start Date - Date of commencement of the program as per the university.

  • Application Deadline - Last date to accept applications as per the university.

  • Student and Counselor Documents - Selecting Required or Optional for documents does not impose a validation on the student. It merely displays it as Required. The only validation that is imposed is that the Passport must be attached to the application. Thus, even if the university marks all documents as required, there is still a possibility that the students submit an application without the required documents.

Note - University should note that on Direct Apply, students are still able to submit applications even after the application deadline, all the way till Matriculation Date. So the deadline on our platform is not exactly a hard deadline per semester.

2. Test - In this tab you can input the test requirements, minimum eligibility scores and more.

  • English Language Requirements - This should be a summary of all English test requirements, and include more specific details like particular sections for IELTS and TOEFL. The tests should be separated by a vertical bar. E.g TOEFL: 46 | IELTS: 6 (min. 5.5 in each section)

  • Academic Requirements - GPA/Percentage required by universities as per their requirement countries specific.
    Description - Split into each exam. Include international exams like IB, IGCSE as well as local entry requirements specific to each region.

3. Content

  • Program Description - This should describe what the program is about, and why you should study at this program.

  • Program Flashcards - Why you should apply to this program, what kind of skills you will need to develop to successfully complete the program.

  • Testimonial - Testimonial from one of the graduated students, You can also add the student's name, region, and pictures.

4. Add Courses/Majors

  • All courses/majors are available - You can attach the university's website like where students can find more information on this course.

  • Only these courses are available - Universities have to type out a list of courses. Ensure that there is only one course/major per line.

5. Additional Requirements

This section is designed to capture any additional questions/information that is not available in Cialfo global application form but would be a mandatory requirement as a part of the university's application form. You can request answers in the following formats

  1. Short Answer

  2. Paragraph

  3. Linear Scale

  4. Checkboxes

  5. Date

  6. Multiple Choice

  7. File Upload

Required question - Turning on the toggle will make a question mandatory to answer. There is also an ability to drag and drop questions to rearrange them.

Editing existing programs

Step 1: To edit existing programs, click the Direct Apply tab followed by “Programs”.

Now you will see a list of programs. Select the one you would like to make edits to by click on the name of the program.

Step 2: Now you can start editing this program. On the right side, you can see a preview of the program (this is how the students see program information on their platform).

Duplicating programs for the new intake

If you wish to add an existing program for the new intake, all you have to simply do is Create a Copy of the program from the programs page, make edits to the deadlines, matriculation dates, along with other necessities updates to the programs and save! Easy!

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