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Cialfo Access: Assessing Submitted Applications in Direct Apply (Counselor)
Cialfo Access: Assessing Submitted Applications in Direct Apply (Counselor)

Once the applications are submitted in Direct Apply, counselors will be able to check on the application status with these easy steps.

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Your students have submitted their Applications, what's next?

Once your students have submitted their applications, you will be able to view the current status and result of their applications under the Submitted tabled as shown below.

The Status column shows the current status that a student's application is current in and it may be Submitted, Reviewing or Closed.

Result of the application may receiving any one of the following outcomes - Accepted, Denied, Conditionally Accepted, Academically Qualified, or Waitlisted.

The Documents download button is for you to download documents that the university has uploaded for a student that are specific to the program that they are applying form.

Under the Actions column, you or your student will be able to upload any additional documents that the University may request from your student.

How can a student withdraw an application and also undo any withdrawal?

To withdraw an application, click on the minus sign in the circle to the right of the application. It is located in the Actions column.

A pop up will appear and then select the Withdraw application button - the application will be withdrawn and it will be indicated under the course in red that the application has been Withdrawn.

If the student wish to undo their withdrawal, they need to click on the reload sign in the Actions column.

Next, in the pop-up, click on Undo withdrawal.

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