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Cialfo Access: Walking through the 5 steps of Direct Apply application (Student)
Cialfo Access: Walking through the 5 steps of Direct Apply application (Student)

Applying to a Direct Apply program is a breeze. You just have to follow these 5 steps to submit your applications

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There are 5 simple steps to apply to colleges via Direct Apply.

After you have added your Direct Apply programs, it's now to click on the Direct Apply tab from the left hand side menu to complete your application.

Here you will find the 5 steps process for you to prepare and submit your application.

STEP 1 - Add programs

If you have added your programs, you have already checked step 1. If not, click on to Add programs button.

STEP 2: Fill out application forms

Start with clicking on the Fill out application forms button. An application form will now appear where some fields will be pre-filled based on the data provided in your profile information page.

The form is divided into 3 parts -

  1. Profile,

  2. Academics

  3. Documents.

The profile page includes Personal information, address, contact details, and guardian information.

Start with completing the remaining parts of the profile page. At the bottom of the page, the form requests for guardian information. If you have it available in the contacts page, you can directly add them by selecting their names. If not, you can add guardian details from the application page by clicking on Add New Guardian.

Click on the Save button and then click on Academics from the top of the page.


This part of the form requests for your education and test details. Again, if the information is already available in your cialfo profile, it will be auto-populated in the form.

Once you have added all added, click on Save followed by the Documents button at the top


Documents are of 2 kinds - student uploaded and counselor uploaded. You can upload documents such as passport, visa, transcripts, English language certificate, etc with a passport being a mandatory document from the student's side.

Once you have uploaded all documents and also hereby completed the form, you will see a green message at the top indicating that the form has been completed. Now click on the back button to head to the main Direct Apply page.

STEP 3: Complete additional requirements (for each program)

Sometimes colleges request additional information that is not part of the main application you prepared in step 2. These can be completed by clicking on the Complete additional requirements button.

Next, click on any college's name.

Complete additional requirements and click save. You can check the status of other college's additional requirements from the right-hand side table. For easy navigation from one college to another, use the arrow buttons at the top right of the additional requirements table.

Click on the back arrow to head back to the main Direct Apply page.

STEP 4: Pay application fees (if required)

Some colleges require you to pay an application fee. Click on the pay application fee button and follow the steps to complete the payment.

You can refer to this Help Article on how to pay the Application Fee.

STEP 5: Submit applications

The next and last step is submission. Scroll down to the Not submitted table where you will see the Submit button next to each application. Click on the Submit button for all applications you are ready to submit. Note that if at any stage before submitting the application, if you wish to remove a college from the applying list, click on the bin icon next to the Submit button.

Now once you have clicked the Submit button, a pop-up will appear. Click on the submit application button.

And your application will now be on it's way to the university!

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