Follow these few simple steps to successfully submit a Direct Apply application for student!

Counselors can click on the Direct Apply tab from the left-hand side menu in student's page to access their Direct Apply applications.

1) Add programs

If students has already added programs, you can proceed to review their applications from here. If not, click on "Search Program" to choose programs to apply to.

Search for the program and click on Apply button. You will be directed to view all the different courses that the college offers. Click into "View Course" to add application.

2) Fill out application forms

Head back to student's Direct Apply tab at the side menu. Click on "Complete Application" and the application form will now appear where some fields will be pre-filled based on the data provided in student's profile information page. You can also check your progress through the colour coded status bar.

The form is divided into several sections, depending on the type of application. Some sections includes:

  1. Personal details

  2. Contact and residency details

  3. Nationality details

  4. English language skills

  5. Education

  6. Guardian details

  7. Documents upload

Personal, Contact, Guardian, Residency and Nationality details
These section includes Personal information, address, contact details, and guardian information.

English language skills

This section requires you to fill in any english language tests that you have taken.


This part of the form requests for your current school and test details. Again, if the information is already available in your Cialfo profile, it will be auto-populated in the form. Please see below video for more information on how to go about filling up the Education section.


You can upload documents such as passport, visa, transcripts, English language certificate, etc with a passport being a mandatory document from the student's side.

Once you have uploaded all documents and completed all the required fields, you will see a green tick at the side indicating that the form has been completed.

3) Submit Application and Documents

Click on "Submit application" button and student's application will be on it's way for review. Counselor can head to student's cDocs > Submission page to send documents. Scroll down to Direct Apply section and counselor will be able to send documents. Do note that counselor can only send document after student has submitted the Direct Apply application.

If student already have relevant documents uploaded, counselor can proceed to click Send button. If you would like to check out how to upload documents, here's a help article.

4) Student to pay application fees (if required)

Some colleges require student to pay an application fee. Student need to click on the pay application fee button on their Direct Apply page and follow the steps to complete the payment. Any application fee needs to be completed by the student before application is finalised.

Counselor's View

As a counselor, you will be able to see which are the students who has applied using Direct Apply. Simply head to cDocs > Submission, filter by delivery method & portal to Direct Apply. This helps to keep track of all student's DA application at one glance.

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