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Understanding Grades and GPA options offered
Understanding Grades and GPA options offered

Find out more about available GPA options supported in Cialfo

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Supported GPA Types

Cialfo has four GPA options available for use in the platform.

  1. School GPA The School GPA is what schools use most commonly to manage their student's grades. It can be customized to suit the school's grading system and does not work on a fixed scale.

    (Min. 0, Max. Custom - up to 3 decimal points)

  2. Estimated GPA

    Estimated GPA is calculated from courses and grades entered on the Grades page. This is a cumulative estimate calculated by Cialfo based on all grade information provided by the school.

  3. Unweighted GPA (4.0)

    Unweighted GPA, usually measured on a 4.0 scale, and generally does not take into account coursework difficulty.

    (Min. 1, Max. 4.00 - fixed, up to 2 decimal points)

  4. Weighted GPA (5.0)

    Weighted GPA, usually measured on a 5.0 scale, generally takes into account coursework difficulty.

    (Min. 1, Max 5.00 - fixed, up to 2 decimal points)

Which GPA type should I use?

This depends on which metric your school uses the most. However, if you are unsure which GPA category your school should use, Cialfo highly recommends using the School GPA option as your staff and students can utilize this data while using the Schools Search feature.

Making Changes to Student Grades

To make changes to student grades, head over to a student's profile and scroll down to the Grades section. You will see a breakdown of existing GPA information available for that particular student. Click 'Edit' beside the Grades title to make changes to the student's grades.

You will be directed to this page. To make specific changes to a student's grade in their Grade Level, scroll down to their grade level and enter the desired GPAs in the appropriate fields.

If you select the 'Edit Grade' button, you may make changes to the Grade option presented in their profile. In the example below, Grade 12 can be renamed as Year 12. More information can also be supplemented if needed such as the Subjects, Transcripts and more. Once you are done with the necessary changes, select 'Save Changes' and the changes will be saved.

Setting your grade default in Configuration

Under Account Configuration, you should also set your grade default setting for your school such as who are able to view the Cialfo Network Data scattergram.

First, scroll down to the Scattergram - Cialfo Network Data section.

From here, input the minimum and maximum values of the GPA scale your school uses and press 'Update'.

If your school does not use a GPA, you can leave these sections blank. Now, click 'Save & Calculate' and your GPA metric is configured for use!

Have a question you are unsure of or need more information for your specific needs? Please reach out to our support team via Chat with Cialfo and someone will be with you shortly.

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