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Completing a Survey (Students and Guardians)
Completing a Survey (Students and Guardians)

Completing surveys as students and guardians

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This article will help you understand how students and guardians can access and complete a survey once it's been assigned to them.

As a Student:

Finding the Survey

  1. You can access Surveys on the top right corner under To-do list.
    Click on "Surveys" to see the Surveys that have been assigned.

  2. If there are multiple surveys, there is a search bar to find a specific survey.

  3. To sort through the surveys, you can toggle the column heading by Title, Progress, Due Date, and Completion.

Completing a Survey

  1. After a survey is selected, you will notice which questions are required and the date the survey needs to be completed by (deadline).

    2. At the end of the Survey, you can choose either to save your answers as a draft or complete and submit your responses to your counselor! If you're not ready to send it to your counselor, click the "Save Draft" button. Ensure you submit it before the deadline though! :)

    3. Once submitted, the status of the survey will be updated to "Completed".

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