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Looking for Cialfo's Mobile App? What can I do on it? How do I use it? This article will help you answer these questions and more!

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Cialfo's Mobile App is available for both iOS or Android users.

What is available in the Mobile App:

  1. View your Dashboard & Edit Your Profile

  2. Chat with your Counselor through Inbox

  3. Search for Colleges and Universities

  4. Add Universities to Applying List, Shortlist and longlist.

This article covers 5 major points: 1) Login, 2) View Dashboard & Editing Profile, 3) University Search, 4) Bookmarks tab and 5) Chat with your counselor via Inbox

How to Login

  1. After downloading and opening the app, enter your School's name and search.

  2. After selecting your school, type in the email and password you use for Cialfo. You must enter the same email and password you use when you log into Cialfo on your computer.

Note: You also have the option of using our Google Single Sign On (SSO) option!

Viewing Your Home Page & Editing your Profile

Home Page :

Once you have successfully logged in, you will be led to your Home page. The Home page shows you the following details:

  1. Personalized recommendations- Cialfo will provide university recommendations based on the responses provided by the student in University preferences.

2. Careers for you : This section will provide career recommendations based on your preferences. All the career related details will be provided in this section.

3. Trending videos: Here, you can find a curated collection of videos that cover a wide range of topics, including academic advice, career exploration, professional development, and more.

4. Guides to studying abroad: This section will help student in obtaining an overview of studying in a specific country by providing information on various topics like Admission requirements, Scholarships, Accommodation, Visa requirements and so on.

5. Latest Articles: You have the opportunity to explore numerous articles on various subjects including career, education, and more. These articles provide valuable insights, guidance, and information to help you navigate your career path and make informed decisions about your education.

6. Cialfo Events: All the upcoming Cialfo events will be visible here.

Editing Your Profile

Go to "Account" button found at the bottom and click on "Edit Information". Make sure you fill all the required field to save the changes in your profile. You can input your Application Regions in "Interested Region" drop down in order to be able to choose specific colleges from those countries.

How to Use School Search

Find School Search in two ways!

As seen earlier, you have 2 ways of getting into School Search:

  1. Selecting the "Universities" icon found at the bottom menu bar

  2. Via Bookmark tab by clicking on the "Add" button to Search Universities

Universities Tab

Make sure that you have already selected Application Regions in your profile on Cialfo Web. Double check your Application Regions by selecting "Regions".

Once you've selected School Search, you will be led here, where you can see the different filters and regions you've selected and are free to choose from! You can also directly type the college name you're looking for in the search bar.

Click on any college to discover more information. This is also where you can add and save a college to the bookmark by adding it to Longlist, Shortlist and applying by clicking on "Add to List" Option.

Profile Section

Admission Section

Student Life

Bookmark Tab

Bookmarks is the place for students to organize their Longlist, Shortlist, and Applying lists. You can add the universities to the list by clicking on the "+ Add" button to Search Universities.

*Depending on your school's Cialfo account settings, you may be restricted from adding colleges to your Applying list, Longlist or Shortlist. If you have trouble with adding a college to any of your lists, please check with your counselor.

Applying list



Adding University to the list:

The list of universities will appear once you click on "+Add" button. Select the university from the list and

Applying Filter:

After including the universities in the list, it becomes possible to refine your selection by considering the likelihood and location of the universities. To narrow down the list based on probability and location, you have the choice to utilize the available options adjacent to the "Filter by" button, or you can simply click the "Filter by" button itself. Once you've made your selections, click the "Apply filter" button to implement the chosen filters.

Sending Inbox Messages to your Counselor

With the Mobile App, you can quickly send a message to your counselor using the Inbox function! 

  1. Click "Inbox" on the top right corner on your Home page. 

  2. You will be led to your Inbox. Any previous messages you have had via Inbox will be found here. 

  • If this is your first inbox communication, you can send a chat to your counselor by selecting "New Chat" on the top right corner. 

  3.  Choose your Counselor's Name.

  4. Type up your message to your counselor and click send!

We hope you enjoy using the newly designed Cialfo Mobile App!  Happy future planning!

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