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How to register an Explore by Cialfo account for your organization in order to book visits with high schools

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Explore by Cialfo helps colleges and universities save time by connecting with high schools and easily arranging visits. All colleges and universities can use Explore and access any high school who has registered with Explore, regardless of whether or not they use Cialfo. Just follow these directions on how to register to start using Explore. 

Getting started with Explore is simple! Colleges and universities may be prompted to create an Explore account in one of two ways. Both will prompt colleges to create an account. Once your college or university account is created, you'll be able to access and schedule visits to any school using Explore!

1st Option: On the Explore by Cialfo website

Head to and click on the 'Sign up for free' button and search for your University for account registration.

If you are unable to find your University, scroll down and click on "Add it Here" to add in your University.

2nd Option: A high school's unique Explore URL

A high school counselor has given you their unique Explore URL with their available dates to schedule a visit with them.

First, select on a date and time slot that you are interested in and click on 'Send a Request' button. Second, search for your organization.

  • If your organization is already registered, please contact your organization's account administrator and they will be able to add you to the account.

  • If your organization is not yet registered, you will be lead to the registration page.

Account Registration

Step 1 - Fill up the details in the form. Some fields are mandatory and others are not. We suggest you add as much as possible. After filling in the fields, click on "Submit".

Step 2 - You will receive an email at the email address used for the registration. Use this email to validate the email address used to register.

Step 3 - Cialfo will need to approve your organization's request for an account. Once your request has been approved, you will receive an email with a link to setup the password for the registered account. Click "Setup account and Complete Profile".

Step 4 - Set up your password.

Step 5 - After setting up your password, you are now ready to log in to Explore and get started adding members of your team and scheduling visits.

Adding Team Member

Step 1: Go to Teams

Step 2: Click on Add Team Member

Step 3: Fill in team member's details and click on "Send Registration"

Next, read about Getting Started here.

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