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Teachers are an important part of your school community and counselors can create accounts so that teachers can complete letters of recommendation (LOR's).

Once a school has created accounts for teachers, they'll be able to log into Cialfo and find two sections: Recommend and Settings.


Under Settings, teachers can edit their Personal Information, choose English or Mandarin as their main language, change their password, and identify how often they want to receive reminders about student LOR requests.


Depending on a school's procedure, students can request recommendations directly from teachers. This is a setting under Account Config where a school can choose to give student's that permission. Whether students request LOR's directly or whether counselors add recommenders for students, a teacher will be able to review their recommendation requests and follow their progress of 1) Uploading letters of recommendation and 2) Completing Common App teacher forms. For more information on this process, please refer to our Help Center Collection on cDocs.

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