Student Launch
Check out these materials to help your school launch Cialfo with students and your community.
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You have your school's URL, you've imported and created accounts for your students, and you've started using some of the core features of Cialfo! You are now ready to launch with your students.

Pre-launch Checklist

Before you launch, run through this pre-launch checklist:

  1. Assign at least one counselor to each student

  2. Send registration emails to the students (unless using Google Single Sign-on)

  3. Understand & practice how to work the Student Profile, School Search, and Assessments

  4. Know how to guide students on adding Application Regions (countries) to student profiles so they can use School Search

  5. Add Assessments to students if you're going to show Human eSources suite of assessments

  6. Bonus (optional): Add a task list via Resources so students get a feel for what's next

Student Launch Presentation

Download and use this presentation (or edit based on your school's needs) when launching Cialfo with your students.

Student Profile Set Up

Check out these step-by-step instructions for students on how to set up their Profile. You may also show this short and exciting Introduction to Cialfo video to your students/community members before launch!

Video Introduction of Student Features

New Edition - Jan. 2021
Share this video with your students that introduces the features they will enjoy digging into.

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