Different schools have various ways of handling Letters of Recommendation. Some have the teacher upload the letter themselves, while others like to have the counselor upload all recommendations on behalf of the teachers.

This is article will guide you on how you can upload recommendations on behalf of the recommender.

Set up

Before a counselor can upload a letter of recommendation on behalf of a teacher, the counselor needs to make sure the teacher is upload onto the platform. Refer to this article on how to bulk upload teachers to Cialfo. A counselor could elect to add a teacher manually by selecting Team from the upper right corner chevron. From the Team page, counselors can easily Add New Members.

Bulk Upload Teacher Recommendation

  1. Click on cDoc

  2. Press Upload

  3. Drag Teacher Letters of Recommendation into the blue box. Please use PDF format only.

  4. Assign the document as Letter of Recommendation, Assign it to the teacher who wrote the letter of recommendation and click Upload.

Pro Tip: if you name your document as "Student First Name Student Last Name - Document type - Author" i.e. Stanley Chia - Letter of Recommendation - Cath Huang, our system will recognize the student name, document type, and author, and will auto-assign it. 

Individual Teacher Recommendation Letter Upload

  1. Select the student and a sidebar will appear to your right. Click Upload documents.

  2.   Drop the files into the blue box and click Upload once ready to upload the documents for this student.

Please sure to assign the document as the Letter of Recommendation and correctly assign it.

You'll find teacher recommendation letters uploaded in the Documents section.

Did you make a mistake? No problem. You can update the document or author by clicking on the chevron and correcting it.

And you're done! You've successfully uploaded letters of recommendation on behalf of others. If you're submitting letters via Common App, don't forget to create a Common App Teacher Evaluation on the recommender's behalf as well.

To prepare the teacher evaluation on behalf of a teacher, click on 'Prepare Forms'. You will notice the Teacher Evaluation option.

From the Select recommender drop down menu, look up for the teacher you are preparing the form for. Once you select the recommender, enter in the responses and click 'Save'

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