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Sorting tasks using different views
Sorting tasks using different views

Switch task list views, use filters, and more

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Cialfo's Tasks feature has numerous advantages over your traditional To Do list once you peek under the hood. This article will show you what some of those are!

Switch Views 

We created different ways to view tasks for different modes of thinking.

  1. Task List or Category - Sorts your tasks by category. For example, all tasks related to 'Cornell University' will be collated together, as will tasks about your other college applications, Summer Programs, or classes. 

2. Status - Sorts your tasks based on their completion status (i.e. Not Applicable, Not Started, In Progress, Done and Approved).

3. Due Date - Sorts your tasks based on their deadlines, grouping tasks together by the month in which they are due. This view is popular with many students because it gives you a very clear picture of what you need to focus on in the coming weeks. 

Filter by Multiple Properties 

You can also customize the display of your task list by applying filters like: Status, Task List (category), Essays only, Tasks only, Overdue, Updated (by your counselor), Show Archived and Show Important. 

Check and uncheck different boxes to enable the relevant filters and drill down your focus on only the tasks you're interested in.

The 'Status' filter allows you to show or hide tasks according to their completion status. A blue tick, such as the one beside 'Not Started', means that tasks which you have not yet started on will be displayed on your screen. 

The 'Task List' filter allows you to show or hide tasks by category. 

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