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Adding and Editing Extracurricular Activities (for Students)
Adding and Editing Extracurricular Activities (for Students)

Tracking your extracurricular activities in Cialfo is one of the easiest and high impact tasks you can accomplish in the platform.

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By strategically using this section of the platform you will:

  1. Save time by having a well documented extracurricular activities section in Cialfo.  Summer programs, scholarships, jobs, and or college all want to know how you spend your time and what you care about. 

  2. Provide a teacher or counselor at your school the information they need to write the best recommendation possible.  By keeping this section up to date, you can provide essential and specific information for your recommenders.

  3. Make it a habit to list your activities, awards, and other involvements in Cialfo.  It can be easy to forget noteworthy events from 9th and 10th grade if you wait until the fall of 12th grade to make a list. 

  4. Cialfo has a Resume function that will take what you add here and information from other sections to generate a downloadable document.  

Getting started

  1. On Home Page, click on their profile picture at the top right corner and click on Profile ~

2. Scroll down to the bottom and navigate to the 'Extra-curricular activities' section. To add new Extra-curricular activity, click on '+Add'. You can add either through the '+Add' button near the Extra-curricular activities section or from the box as shown in the screenshot.

Fill in the details of your involvement-

1.Select the Activity type *

2.Activity Name *

3.Position *
4.Grades where you actively participated

5.Hours per Week *

6.Hours per Week *

7.Have you held any leadership position? *

8.Participation Details
9.Attachment (To upload documents, images or recordings)

10.Tick a box, only if the below conditions are applicable-
Yes, this activity had a direct impact on society

Yes, I initiated this activity

(Note-Fields with a red asterisk are required)

When you are finished filling in the details, click on 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

Nice work!  You've mastered adding extracurricular activities.

Edit and Delete Options

To edit the details of an extracurricular activities, click on 'Edit'. Always remember to save your changes. To remove an extracurricular activity, click 'Delete'. 

Remember, quality and quantity both matter! The number of entries will depend on Leadership and longterm involvement both send a strong message to the reader.

If you do not know what to add here or you have not engaged in any extracurricular activities, we suggest scheduling an appointment to meet with your counselor.  

Your counselor can help you discover ways to get involved or help you identify what you are already doing that can be added here.

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