Welcome to Cialfo Access! Getting started is simple and this guide will walk you through adjusting your personal settings and setting up your schools account.

Setting Up Your School Account

Before you start using Cialfo, there are a few things you got to setup at a school level. This needs to be done by just one user and the changes gets applied to all the counselors and students.

Step 1: Configuring your School Account - The important tasks that need to be achieved are listed below. All the items listed in step 1 need to be done in Account > Configure. Read more in this detailed Help Article.

1.1. Set permission controls for your students - The Students Connectivity section allows your set the edit/view permission for your students. Read more in this detailed Help Article.

Setting your default academic grading system - This is can be done in the Grade Default section. Read more in this detailed Help Article.

1.3 Setting your grades level to corresponding graduation year -
You can align your students graduation year to required grade level in the Set Current Grades section. Read more in this detailed Help Article.

1.4 Uploading your School Logo - This can be done in the Upload Logo section. Once you have uploaded the logo, it will appear on your Cialfo login page. Read more in this detailed Help Article.

Step 2: Uploading Students and Guardians - To get your students onboard, use our uploaders to add all your students and their guardians on Cialfo within a couple of minutes. Read more in this detailed Help Article.

Step 3: Adding Team members - Add your college counseling staff members on Cialfo Access. Read more in this detailed Help Article.

Step 4: Assigning Counselors to Students - Assign counselors to your students so that you can communicate with them via inbox and setup meetings with them. Read more in this detailed Help Article.

Step 5: Inviting students to setup their accounts - Once you've added students, send them registration emails so that they can log in to Cialfo. Read more in this Help Article.

Personal Settings

Fill in your details in the settings section to complete setting up your account. Setting this up would take less than 2 minutes. Read more on how to do these in this detailed Help Article.

Step 1: Filling in your Personal Information: Enter/verify your contact information.

Step 2: Setting your working hours: Select your timezone, working time and working days so that students will be able to book meetings with you only during your working hours.

Step 3: Linking your Calendar: Linking your Google or Office 360 calendar will enable students to only book meetings during available time slots in your calendar. Meeting booked via Cialfo would automatically appear on the linked calendar.

Step 4: Linking your Zoom Account: You can setup video conferencing Zoom meetings and make your meetings an online Zoom meeting.

Step 5: Setting your notification preferences: Select how you would like to be notified for the different activities so that you do not miss out on any important notifications.

You are now ready to get started!

Let's begin the Cialfo Access journey.

Using the Student List

All the students that you have added on Cialfo would be visible in the Students list. The Student List displays student data according to the Filters and Columns you set. This page gives you an overview of all your student's information in one place. Read more in this Help Article.

Communicate with Students and Parents

Sending out an Inbox message - The Inbox feature allows counselors and students alike to communicate with each other - working like instant messaging. A daily summary of each inbox conversation with the student is emailed to the parent. Try sending out a message to your student via Inbox. Read more in this Help Article.

Using Broadcast as an effective communication tool - Send out emails, sms and inbox messages communication to students and parents via Broadcast. You can send out messages right away or schedule them to be sent out at a later time, use multiple filters to send messages only to a select audience, track the delivery status of emails, save drafts and much more. Let's send out a message to students and guardians introducing them to Cialfo. Read more in this Help Article.

Searching for Colleges and Universities in Schools

Researching for Universities - We list over 50 countries in the Schools tab. Try looking up for a university by name or use the search by Courses or Majors. Read more in this Help Article.

Explore a specific university's information - Cialfo offers university profiles for many universities. To access the school's profile hover your mouse over the school's name and use the quick links to research further. Read more in this Help Article.

Look up College Essay requirements - We have essay prompts for over 1000 universities in the United States. Students and counselors can look up essay requirement on Cialfo itself. Read more in this Help Article.

Visualize a Student's Admissions Chances with Scattergrams - Cialfo's Scattergrams allow students and their counselors to see a "map" of real university admissions decisions in a quick, understandable way. Read more in this Help Article.

Keep track of Cialfo Events and managing your school's internal events

College Visits - Students and Counselors can sign up for Cialfo's Online university fairs and events via College Visits. Counselors can also use this feature to create and manage their own college visits and fairs that are held at the schools. This feature can be used to send out notifications to students and manage registrations. Read more in this Help Article.

Creating groups of students

Groups - It is exactly as the name suggests - collections of students who may have similar needs. A student can be a part of multiple groups. Using groups allows counselors to send broadcast messages easily to these students or just be able to look up on the student's list with just a few clicks. Read more in this Help Article.

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