Update: Cialfo has rolled out an updated User Experience (UX). For a limited amount of time, clients will be able to switch from using the new UX and previous UX. This article will address both types of UX.

New User Experience (UX)

Scheduling a College Visit or a Fair

  1. On the left hand menu, click on "College Visits".
  2. On the top, click on "College Visit" or "College Fair".
  3. A sidebar will appear and you can fill in the details.
    - If you click "Save & Notify Audience", all selected audience will receive an email notification.
  4. The college visit will appear on the upcoming visit list.
    - Students can also view and sign up in their accounts.

Previous User Experience (UX)

Cialfo enables counselors to post when college representatives will visit a school and share these visits with students. Counselors can take notes on colleges during the visit and students can register to attend these visits. 

New in February 2020 is Explore by Cialfo. Explore is how colleges can schedule a visit directly at a school. More on Explore can be found here.

Click "Past" to see all the previous college visits.

Scheduling a Visit

To schedule a new college visit or a college Fair, can click the button of "College Visit"  or " College Fair" button in the middle of the page.

Fill the details of college visit, such as the college who plans to visit, Event Description, Staff note, Organizers, Date, Time and Location.

Organizers can be chosen from the staff  already registered in Cialfo. 

Scroll down the page within a visit, and find there is also an option of adding requirements of attendees, such as Registration deadline, selecting student by graduation year or by grades.

After fill in all  the info including the required spaces and click Save. If you click "Save and Notify Audience", all selected audiences will receive an email notification.

After completing and saving the visit, the visit will now appear in the upcoming college visit list.

After creating this college event, your attendees will receive a notification email sent by Cialfo.

Students can also login to their Cialfo account to find more details of this event.

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