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How counselors can set their preferred working hours, timezone and sync calendar

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Settings is where you can edit/update your contact information, sync your calendar, set your notification preferences and preferred hours and timezone.

To access your settings, click on the chevron on the top right corner and select My Settings.

1. Fill in your personal information

Key in your details under the Personal Information section. Please ensure that these required fields are filled out in order to proceed:

(a) Name

(b) Prefix

(c) Email

(d) Mobile

(e) Country

(f) Timezone

(g) Working Time

(h) Working Days

To receive SMS notifications for Meetings and Inbox Messages, ensure that the correct country code is selected followed by the number.

2. Set your working hours

Select the correct timezone, fill in your working hours and tick the boxes to select your working days. Once you're done, click the 'Save' button.

If your working hours varies from day-to-day (i.e. half-day on Saturday) and you would like your students to meetings with you on those days, do the following:
(i) Go to your Google or Office 365 Calendar
(ii) Set a recurring event to block out the hours that you are not working (i.e. 1 - 5pm on Saturday)

3. Sync your Google or Office 365 Calendar & link your Zoom Account

To sync, click on the respective Calendar type and you will be re-directed to login to either your Google or Office 365 account. You are only allowed to sync with one Calendar at time.

Linking your Zoom Account will allow you to setup video conferencing meeting with your students via Cialfo.

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