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Clearing matches applicants to university places that are yet to be filled.

Courses in Clearing aren’t just the ones nobody wants – there are many reasons courses are still available. It’s an opportunity for those who have missed their conditions or had a last-minute change of heart about the university or course they want to study.

Clearing can be hard to navigate and Cialfo is happy to support counsellors and students through this process. Running from 5 July to 18 October, your students will be eligible for Clearing if:

  • They applied via Direct Apply or UCAS

  • They didn’t receive any offers (or none they wanted to accept)

  • They didn’t meet the conditions of their offers

  • They’ve declined their firm place

  • They are applying after 30 June

This year, we are supporting clearing applications for specific universities, read about them here and via their Cialfo profile to find out if they are good options for your students:

  • St George's University of London - specialist health university in the heart of London. Perfect for your students looking for a health science course in the UK’s capital!

  • Loughborough University - a leader in sports, the university offers state-of-the-art facilities, and 2 years of guaranteed accommodation.

  • University of Reading - the university offers a nurturing, green campus environment with a strong sense of community, very close to London

  • University of York - Russell Group institution in the north of the UK, with small classes of no more than 20 students/

  • Leeds Arts University - Specialist art university in the north of the UK, great place to study art on a budget.

  • University of Surrey - Very close proximity to Heathrow and London, but in a safe and diverse town,9th in the UK for student satisfaction. Strong programmes in hospitality management.

  • University of Leicester - Historical campus and strong football team, Leicester is a diverse town and university.

  • Nottingham Trent University - Career Focused courses (perfect for students who are looking for a more hands-on education) in the culturally active city of Nottingham.

  • University of Sheffield - Russell group institution, prestigious option in the North of the UK.

  • Abertay University - Niche specialist university, world leader in computer games and ethical hacking.

  • University of East Anglia - Located in one of the most affordable cities in the UK, green campus and outstanding student support.

  • Arts University Bournemouth - Arts specialist university located by the sea, largest film school in the UK outside of London

  • Queen Mary University of London - Prestigious Russell group institution in the heart of London.

  • Falmouth University - Dramatic landscape and arts focus institution, perfect for hands on experience in the arts

  • University of Dundee - Safe city in Scotland, perfect for students looking to experience a unique place in the UK, highly regarded for biology and life sciences.

  • Kingston University - Located in a London suburb, focused on creative arts.

  • Bangor University - Located in Wales, one of the more affordable universities in the UK

  • Brighton University - Beautiful seaside location and focused on employability with industry experts teaching

If your students need any help applying to these institutions via clearing, please let us know by completing this form or reaching out to your Cialfo contact.

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