Introducing the University Dashboard
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The University Dashboard aims to build an interactive card-based dashboard where university representatives can see their performance and take the next steps.

Let's get to the Dashboard itself! You'll be led to the University Dashboard as soon as you log in. You can see what it looks like below. University representatives can access the onboarding tutorial via the tooltip "i" provided next to the Dashboard label.

What's under the University Dashboard?

School Region Filter

Representatives can select the regions or countries for which they would like to view the information on the dashboard. After selecting the desired country or region, remember to click on 'Apply' to see the filtered results.

What does each of these 4 funnel phases tell us about?

Connected: This feature tells us about the students who have connected with the university through any one of the connection's actions.

Added to List: This tells us about the students who have added the university to their longlist or shortlist.

Applicants: The applicant's feature tells us about the students who have added the university or any one of the university’s DA programs to their applying list.

Offered To Join: This feature tells us about the students who have received an offer (conditional/unconditional) to join the university.

Representatives who have access to Connections can also click on the numbers to view the list in detail on the Connections page.

Detailed analysis of statistics under the Connected Funnel

Representatives can see the cumulative or monthly connected numbers from the current and the previous graduation year by selecting them from the drop-down.

Cumulative Data

Monthly Data

Connections Widget

Only university representatives who have access to connections will be able to view the data here and also download the list.

Country-Wise overview

There are two ways the university representatives can visualize the data under the Connections funnel.

  1. Firstly, the country in which the school is located.

  2. Secondly, the student’s citizenship.

The horizontal bars are clickable and will redirect the university representatives to the Connections page with the appropriate country filters selected.

Recommended Actions

Schools to Visit

This card will show schools where the university has yet to conduct any visits in descending order. It will also show the schools visited by the university in the past with no visits yet this year. Representatives can click on the “Book Now” button to book a visit to the school based on the recommendations provided.


This card will be shown only to the universities that have access to Cialfo events. In case, the university representatives do not have access to Cialfo events a message would be displayed and the universities can contact the UEM by clicking on 'Contact UEM'.

Detailed analysis of Student's add to the list data

Here, the university representatives can see the students who have added the university to their list. It also shows the country in which the school is located and the student's citizenship. The 'Added to list insights' shows the cumulative and monthly data on when students added the university to their longlist, shortlist and applying list.

Recommended schools to visit

This card shows us the schools with the most connections who have not added the university to their list in decreasing order. The university representatives can click on the 'Book now' button to schedule a visit based on the recommendations provided.


The Applicant funnel shows the data of the applicants, new application-related activities, a country-wise overview of applicants and recommended schools to visit based on students who have added the university to their list but have not yet submitted their application.

Alternatively, if there are any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us through Chat with Cialfo.

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