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Receive Inbox messages from your counselor
Receive Inbox messages from your counselor
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The 'Inbox' feature allows you to directly communicate with your counselors while preparing for your university applications.

It is a faster and easier way to send a message, rather than emailing your counselor. You will also be able to upload and send documents via the 'Inbox'.

You will be able to use the 'Inbox' via the Cialfo mobile app for iOS and Android in addition to using it on your desktop. This allows you to communicate whilst on the go.

How to use Inbox:

  1. Click the Inbox - chat icon found on the top right corner.

  2. You will find your counselor's name in the message list. Once you click it, you can put a message in the text field and view any messages you've received from the counselor.

  3. Once you've typed the message, either click send or add an attachment if needed!

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