When students explore their university choices, they may find themselves not being able find relevant support materials or content like study guides or real-life testimonials of students studying at the particular university which can help them in selecting the right fit university. To address this concern, meet our highly anticipated and latest addition to the platform - Discovery Center!

What is Discovery Center?

  • Students are able to explore curated content about topics and destinations they are most interested in – without ever having to leave the Cialfo platform!

  • Use the extensive study guides to understand more about the countries and locations that students are interested in spending 3-4 years of their undergraduate life.

  • Watch videos to get a better understanding of what life would be like in a particular country or university campus.

  • Read through articles to discover the right career path for and how students can begin to pave it right from their high school days.

  • Easily stay connected with universities they find interesting as they browse through the Discovery Center by clicking on the “Connect” button.

Where is the Discovery Center located?

The content in Discovery Center will be found on the Student’s Dashboard. It is curated based on the preferences and interests indicated by the students in their preference fit (e.g. country and location where the student is interested in studying; courses/majors they are interested in)

There are three types of content hosted in the Discovery Center:

  • Articles

  • Videos

  • Study Guides

The student can browse the content in the carousel or click on “View All” to see more of the content.

Summary View

In the summary view, students can choose from a number of filters based on their preference:

  • Country

  • Content Type

  • Topics

  • University

  • Creator

Detailed View

In the detailed view, the student can find details like:

  • Tags associated with the content

  • Date of upload

  • Option to “Connect” with the universities mentioned in the article/video/guide.

If you have any further questions around this, feel free to reach out to Chat with Cialfo and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

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