Reviewing Direct Apply Applications (Counselor)

Adding a review stage to your students' Direct Apply applications

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Counselors now have the option to add a 'counselor review' step to their student's application process!

Submission Process

When the feature is enabled, the student will be provided with an option to submit their application for review once it has been completed.

When the student completes the application form and clicks on 'Review and Submit', there will be a pop-up saying that the form will be sent to his/her counselor for review. After the counselor's approval, it will be submitted to Cialfo.

To access this, click on Student List > Student > Applications. You will see a list of applications for your review with the Pending Counselor Review tag, highlighted in yellow.

Clicking on the 'View Application' button will bring you to a PDF of the student's Direct Apply application.

Reviewing Process

Once the items have been submitted for review, you can review the items in Student Profile > cDocs> Submission. Click on the 'Review' button to bring up the Direct Apply PDF form that the student has filled in.

The following screen will pop-up, with two options at the bottom: Revision Required or Approve and Submit.

Review Options: Revision Required

Revision required indicates to a student that their application needs further revision before being approved for submission. This allows the counselor to include notes on how better to fill out the Direct Apply form before it gets sent to Cialfo. Once finished with the notes, click 'Confirm', and they will be made available to the student.

When the notes have been added successfully, you should be able to see a pop-up on the top-right hand corner and a label that says 'Revision Required' on the bottom-right corner. Additionally, the notes will be listed on the top of the page labelled 'Note from Counselor'.

When the student receives the revision request, they will see that their tag changes from 'Pending review' to 'Revision Required'. They should be able to click on 'Revise Application' to make changes to their application.

When they click on 'Revise Application', they should see the notes on the top of the screen. Once they have made the changes, they will be able to send it back to the counselor by clicking on 'Submit for Review'.

Review Options: Approve and Submit

Alternatively, when the student has completed the application successfully and there are no further changes to be made, you can approve the application to be sent to Cialfo by clicking the 'Approve and Submit' button.

Upon clicking the button, there will be an Approved label and the application will be sent to Cialfo and to the University.

Enabling/ Disabling Configurations

To enable configurations, click on the profile picture on the top-right hand corner of your screen, and select 'Configurations'. Once in the configurations menu, scroll down to Application Preferences. There will be a section titled 'DA application review by counselor' - when this is enabled, applications will need to be reviewed and approved by the counselor before being submitted to Cialfo.

As a side-note, these are the default configurations for all schools in all regions.

  • Enabled (ON) by default for UK applications

    • Can be turned off by the counselors in which case there will be no counselor review and students can submit their UK applications directly to Cialfo

  • Disabled (OFF) by fault for non-UK applications

    • Can be turned on by the counselors


When a new Direct Apply application has been submitted by your student for review, you will receive an email notification.

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