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Through Cialfo’s Partner Applications feature, students can receive scholarships and support services when they apply and enroll with Cialfo’s University partners while using outside application portals (Common App, UCAS, etc).

Why turn on Partner Applications?

With Partner Applications, your students will:

  • Qualify for Cialfo Scholarships (ranging from 400 to 1400 USD) upon enrollment to universities that Cialfo partners with

  • Receive high quality visa assistance for free, through our partner VFS (worth $360!)

  • Receive University application assistance from Cialfo’s Advisors

  • Be invited to attend pre-departure sessions organized by Cialfo

How to Successfully Qualify for Partner Application Benefits

  1. Request your Customer Experience Manager to turn on Partner Applications for your school. You can also use Chat with Cialfo to submit this request.

  2. The next time your students log into Cialfo, they will be prompted to complete a consent form. Students can check the box beside “Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” and add their signature in the box. This now makes them eligible for Partner Applications.

3. Students add all of the universities they have applied to or are applying to in their applying list (US, UK, Australia, etc) and fill in the Applicant ID field (note this field will appear on October 17th, 2022). If you have the Cialfo to Common App integration turned on, the Common App ID will be auto filled in.

4. Done! Students can now visit their Profile to see the completed Partner Application consent forms (towards the bottom, below extra-curricular activities). This form is what we share with universities to receive the benefits that we pass on to the student. Please see here an example of the completed consent form Cialfo generates.

If you have any further questions about Partner Applications or the benefits for students please contact your customer experience manager or Chat with Cialfo!

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