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What is the Submissions Tab?

The Submissions tab serves as the central hub for monitoring and handling all your students' submissions. When you access the new Submissions tab, you'll encounter several elements, including a list of applications, a search bar, filters, and an overview of Common App and Parchment Status. Additionally, there are links available to connect you to the configuration pages.

The Search function

Feel free to use the search function to look up specific student submissions. You can conduct the search based on various criteria such as Student Name, Student Email, and Student IDs. This feature allows you to easily find and access the desired student's submission information.

The Filter Functions

In the updated cDocs, you will find filters conveniently located below the search bar, designed to enhance your user experience. These filters allow you to apply multiple criteria simultaneously, making it easier to manage the student submission list. Some of the filter types available include:

  1. Universities: Filter submissions based on the universities to which students have applied.

  2. Region: This filter will help you narrow down your search on the basis of university region.

  3. By Deadline: Filter submissions based on the application deadline dates.

  4. Rounds: Filter submissions based on the application rounds (e.g., early decision, regular decision).

  5. Application Result: Apply filters related to submission status i.e Submitted, not-submitted and Applications results i.e . No Status, Accepted, Pending and so on.

  6. Delivery Method & Portal: Sort submissions by the method of delivery Method and the portal used to submit an application Like Common App, Parchment etc.

  7. Document Types: Categorize submissions by types of documents attached.

  8. Counselor and Teacher: This will filter the students with the counselor assigned to them and the teacher assigned to a student in order to request letter of recommendation.

When you apply filters, they will appear as a list under the filters section, enabling you to keep track of your selections easily. Additionally, the number of filters applied will be indicated beside each filter type's title, ensuring you have a clear overview of the applied filters. This streamlined filtering system aims to simplify and optimize the process of managing student submissions.

Search Filters

Search filters are filters that require you to search for a particular data set. These filters include Universities & Course/Major. To use this feature and to apply filters for ‘New York University’ and ‘Agnes Scott College’, simply type the name of the school in the filter’s search bar and select the university. You may apply more than one filter.

Checkbox Filters

Checkbox Filters allows you to select multiple options from the drop down list enabling you to refine your search and efficiently manage the student submissions based on your specific preferences.These include filters for Round, Application Result, Delivery Method & Portal and Document. You may also apply more than one filter.

Range Filters

Range filters are filters that require you to define a specific range. For now, this applies to application deadlines. When clicking under Deadlines, you will need to select a ‘Created’ date, as well as a ‘Due’ date. A created date refers to when an application was moved to the application list by either a student or a counselor. Please note that applications that do not yet have due dates will not be populated.

More Filters

More filters is a section that will bring you to a pop-up that allows you to ­­­make selections for student attributes such as Direct Apply form completion, Course/Major, Groups, Citizenships, Counselor, Common App Link Status, FERPA, Tags, Scholarship Available and financial aid. Filters with a checkbox will allow you to select multiple options ensuring that all necessary information that you need gets filtered out, and filters with search fields allow you to search for filter criteria and apply it to your student’s submissions lists. You may also apply more than one filter for these filters.

Reset Filters

How do I reset a filter, you may ask? Simply click on the ‘x’ symbol next to the filter you would like to remove. Alternatively, you may also hit the ‘Reset’ button on the top right of the feature to remove all filters applied to the application lists.

Managing Data Views on the Submissions tab

You may manage the views by clicking on ‘Class of’ section to show data for which class you would like to view. In the screenshot below, click on the ‘Class of 2023’ dropdown menu to choose the required graduation year.

You may also edit column fields by clicking on the window pane option to the right. You will be able to drag and drop the columns based on the order of how you'd want to see them by selecting the dotted icon to the left of the attribute.

Make changes directly on the Submissions tab!

You can now make changes directly on the student application from the Submissions tab view. This is available for the following columns: Delivery Method, Round, Deadline, Application Results and Enrolment. To make the changes, simply click on the item you would like to make changes to, and edit away!

Export and Upload documents on the Submissions tab

Click on the Export/ Upload buttons in order to make uploads and export data that is displayed on the screen.

When you click on Export, you will receive a .csv file that summarizes information stored on the Submissions tab.

When you click on Upload, you will be provided with the option to drag and drop the files to upload the documents also, there is a "cDocs bulk uploader" option which will direct you to the Upload & Integrate page which will help you to bulk upload the documents.

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