Monthly Highlighter: April 2022
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  • Effective Student-Led Junior Meetings
    Trevor Sturgeon, International School of Manila

    Time to level up your counseling skills. Trevor shares several ways for counselors to create effective and impactful student meetings!

  • Reflecting on Grade 11 Meetings
    Alison Lewis, International School of Kuala Lumpur
    Despite years of experience advising students with the college application process, Alison still feels like a newbie. It is a sentiment many counselors feel as they greet a new cohort of students each spring. Take a look at Alison's five tips to stay structured and consistent with her students this application season.

  • Junior Meeting Bragsheet
    Warren Emanuel, Taipei American School
    The last list of brag sheet questions you will ever need! Cialfo is constantly bombarded with questions from counselors about what items to include in their university advising survey to students. Well, look no further than this gem of information!

  • Hidden Gems in Texas: Trinity University and Southwestern University
    Trey Wetendorf, Trinity School of Midland, TX
    We often encourage our contributors to add their own “hidden gem” universities and feature them in the Community. Texas is known as the Yellow Rose state. There are plenty of great options after searching beyond the most common universities like The University of Texas, Austin, Rice University, SMU, and Texas A&M.

  • Hidden Gem: College of the Atlantic
    Francis Miller, Xian Tie Yi High School
    Did you know that you can design in your own major in human ecology at CoA? Also, did you know you can earn over 320 hours of an internship experience? Even more fun facts about the College of the Atlantic here.

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