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Connections (for Students)

Connecting with universities through Cialfo

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What are Connections?

Connections is a feature that allows you to create a “connection” with a university. Imagine being in a university booth or event, this is similar to what you’d do there!

A connection can be created through different actions on Cialfo such as signing up for events, adding a university to your list (longlist, shortlist, applying), and downloading a brochure from a university on Cialfo’s School Search.

How are Connections made?

Connections are made through the following actions:

  1. When you add a university to any of your list (longlist, shortlist, applying)*

  2. Downloading a brochure from a university

  3. When a Direct Apply program is submitted

  4. Events:

    1. Signing up for a Cialfo or university Event

    2. Attending a Cialfo or university Event

    3. Watching an event recording (including on-demand content)

  5. College Visits:

    1. Signing up for a College Visit made through Explore

* This is dependent on your school’s settings

What information will be shared with universities?

Permission will be asked from you to share the following information with the university:

  1. First and last name

  2. Email

  3. Gender

  4. Citizenship

  5. Date of birth

  6. School information (name, CEEB code)

  7. Graduation year

How does Connections benefit you?

  • By connecting you with universities directly, you are able to let universities know that you are interested in applying to their school, allowing you to stand out!

    • You are able to create a relationship with the university you’re interested in, coupled with engaging research by attending the university’s events, visits, or applying for Direct Apply programs*

  • Strengthens your university search: upgrade your university search by staying updated on information directly from universities! This goes from updates regarding the admission process, fees, deadlines, essay prompts and scholarship opportunities.

  • Cialfo recommendations: Expand your university search! Cialfo can recommend universities based on your interaction with similar universities.

* Availability of Direct Apply programs is dependent on your school’s settings

How do I remove a Connection?

You can remove a Connection through the following actions:

  1. Your counselor turns off the school setting from their Configuration page

  2. Removing the university from any of their lists

  3. Going to the university page on School Search and selecting “Connected” to disconnect the Connection

Have a question you are unsure of or need more information for your specific needs? Please reach out to our support team via Chat or check out other resources at Cialfo!

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