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Connections (for Counselors)

Empowering relationships between Schools & Universities

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Here's a comprehensive video on connections for you:

What is Connections?

Connections is a feature that allows a link or “connection” between a school user (student, counselor, and guardian) with a university. The student will be asked if they will share user information with the university prior to making the Connection. This is typical university-student behavior similar to a student attending a live university event or university booth.

A connection is created through different actions on the platform such as signing up for events, adding a university to a student’s list, and downloading a brochure from a university on Cialfo’s School Search.

What information will be shared with universities?

Permission will be asked from the school user to share the following information with the university:

  1. User's first and last name

  2. User's email

  3. User's gender

  4. User's citizenship

  5. User's date of birth

  6. School information (name, CEEB code)

  7. Student's graduation year *

* Graduation year is only for student users

How are Connections made?

Connections are made through the following actions:

  1. When a student adds a university to any of their lists (longlist, shortlist, applying)*

  2. Downloading a brochure from a university

  3. When a Direct Apply program is submitted

  4. Events:

    1. Signing up for a Cialfo or university Event

    2. Attending a Cialfo or university Event

    3. Watching an event recording (including on-demand content)

  5. College Visits:

    1. Signing up for a College Visit made through Explore

*This action can be disabled by the counselor through the Configuration page.

Can Connections be undone?

Yes! At any point in time, users can disconnect from the Connection with a university. They can do so through the following actions:

  1. Removing the university from any of their lists

  2. Going to the university page on School Search and selecting “Connected” to disconnect the Connection

  3. The Configuration has been turned off

Note: The universities will be made know of the disconnection, however, whatever information was shared previously, will remain with the universities. If you are still receiving information via email from the universities, please unsubscribe directly to their emails.

Connections: Configurations

Counselors will have the option to allow students to make connections with universities through the Configuration page:

  1. You can turn it on by selecting the toggle on the right and clicking “Save”

  2. Clicking “Find out more” will allow counselors to learn more about Connections like below:

  3. Turning off this configuration will allow counselors to control whether or not Connections with universities are made with students through the My List (longlist, shortlist, applying)

Benefits of Connections

Connections aim to bring the school and university community closer - with everyone navigating through a remote and non-remote world Cialfo is helping bridge the 2 communities together on one platform.

  • Connections inform universities of your school's demonstrated interest by encouraging students to watch videos, download brochures, sign up for events, and so on. This allows your students to be more engaged in their university search while also creating connections with universities for your student's future applications.

    • Strengthens your student's university search: Connections elevates the university search process by allowing you and the student to stay updated on information directly from universities! This goes from updates regarding the admission process, fees, deadlines, essay prompts, and scholarship opportunities.

  • Provides a strong fit to both the student and university by allowing communication, collaboration, and further research

  • Connections ensure that users will be kept updated via communications from the universities

  • It helps schools that are limited by physical or in-person interactions by allowing Connections to happen online/remotely.

Have a question you are unsure of or need more information for your specific needs? Please reach out to our support team via Chat or check out other resources at Cialfo!

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